How to Change Someone’s Mind

“The goal is to lead them to trust their own instincts.”

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Say what you believe and leave it there.

If you have said all that you need to say, there is no point in reiterating it over and over again. They heard you, they just need some time to process your words.

How to help:

Listen more than you give advice. Be a supportive, honest presence in their life.

Don’t make them feel stupid.

There is a difference between tough love and moral superiority. By telling someone what to do and insisting that they are in the wrong, well-intentioned advice can feel like an attack.

“As human beings, we will not truly believe something until we actually discover it for ourselves.” — Bob Proctor

How to help:

Strengthen the thoughts that will benefit your loved one, but do not try to enforce anything upon them.

Embody your advice.

If you are trying to convince your friend to leave their toxic boyfriend, you cannot be in a similar type of relationship.

How to help:

Improve yourself.

Final Thoughts

As much as we want the best for the people in our lives, it is almost always impossible to change someone’s mind.

Avid learner and self-improvement junkie. I write about self, habits, education, and growth.

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