Lesson 1: When confronted with failure, you should either quit or settle.

Our current education system is one that molds students into a desirable output — productive workers in society — and disregards whatever does not conform to its model.

In fact, the American education model was created to mimic and prepare its recipients for factory life.

“The American education model…was actually…

These mini changes have produced powerful results in my life.

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For most of my life, I’ve considered myself a mentally stable person. Even when I felt sad, these feelings would not linger for more than a day or so.

COVID-19 tested my mental resilience. I began to have mental breakdowns which stemmed from feeling isolated and alone. My mental health…

Feeling frustrated with your life situation and looking to make a change? It starts with a shift in your mindset.

Recently, I had been feeling really stagnant. I was waking up later, spending longer periods of time on my phone, essentially lived in bed, and felt lethargic and dissatisfied with my life situation overall.

I was stuck in a rut, and I know I can’t be alone in this feeling…

By focusing on attaining something, we are subconsciously focusing on how we currently lack that thing.

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By definition, the word “pursuit” is “the action of following or pursuing someone or something.”

We only follow or pursue what we do not already possess.

So when we pursue something like happiness, by default we are assuming that we live in an unhappy state. …

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It is exhausting to keep up with trends.

Buying the newest item, whether it’s a car, TV, or clothing item, is an endless cycle. Trends are created to be temporary.

Even knowing this on an intellectual level, I know how exciting and thrilling it feels to press checkout and know…

Have you ever been incredibly excited to start a new project? You have a bright idea and excitedly start planning your next steps.

Two weeks later, and you start planning the specifics, far into the future.

It feels like you’re being productive, but you haven’t actually taken a step toward…

I had to live a little first.

For three months, I took a break from writing on Medium. As much as I enjoy blogging and writing about books, concepts, and lessons that I learned, I felt like an imposter writing about concepts that I had yet to experience.

Three months later, I have compiled the main lessons…

My morning routine is my armor for the day.

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After one week of falling off my morning routine, I have realized this:

Adhering to my morning routine is a crucial aspect of being able to show up every day as my best self. My morning rituals set me up for the rest of my day.

To me, fully showing…

Everything happens FOR you.

Most people suck at taking rejection. Rejection hurts our ego, and the ego is defensive and fragile. The reason that many people fear rejection is because they think it is somehow an indicator of lack in themselves.

Plus, society has ingrained the fear of rejection into every individual that has…

Stress results from resistance to life.

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It’s a stressful world.

At every corner, some instance of injustice, pain, or unfairness can be found. Living through a pandemic and witnessing multiple occasions of civil unrest, political turbulence, and overt discrimination has naturally caused many people to feel overwhelmed.

Whenever I feel stressed, unhappy, or overwhelmed, I remember…

Amy Tang

Avid learner and self-improvement junkie. I write about self, habits, education, and growth.

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